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Dec.22: We're in the final "Christmas-Stretch"... get caffeinated, do some last minute shopping and spread holiday cheer!

Get rid of that "bah-humbug" attitude and start to feel all merry and bright! Open up today's itinerary for a a few suggestions on how you can do just that!

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Saints & Sinners

We take on Blue Monday - known as the worst day of the year because it's cold, debt-riddled and dark - first with hedonistic defiance, then with transcendent grace. Our Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Holy Virtues-inspired Saints & Sinners party will be an evening of both indulgence and inspiration. Think - chocolate and fried things, champagne, extremely attractive people, art, poetry, magic, perhaps a puppy or two, and - why not - a juice cleanse, yoga instruction and consultation with a financial planner. Not saying all these things are sinful or virtuous, but they're definitely all awesome.