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Feb. 12, 2014 11:07 AM

Q&A: Chad Collier of Papa C Pies

For Chad Collier, when the moon hits your eye like a big apple pie, it's amore. Chad and his family have been creating delicious pies for the people of Nashville for the last five years — pies that give your granny's a run for their money. Some pies boast high-quality Ghirardelli chocolate, while others incorporate fresh apples. Papa C has Nashville seriously craving a big slice of pie.

Lucky for us, and all of you, Chad will be bringing some pie lovin' to 12th & Broad's Sweet-heART event this Saturday, Feb. 15, so we thought we should talk to Chad about what makes Papa C Pies so extra-special.

Papa C Pies Papa C Pies' Ghirardelli pie. Papa C Pies

What do you plan on making for the 12th & Broad Sweet-heART event?
We will have mini slices of our best-selling Ghirardelli chocolate fudge pie. It is made with 60 percent cacao dark chocolate and pairs well with milk, coffee, vanilla ice cream or red wine! We will also have mini slices of our signature apple pie.

How did the business get started?

My grandmother, Elsie, always made the most delicious apple pies. My dad is the oldest of five and he learned how to cook by watching the pots and oven as my grandmother would chase after the other four kids. About seven years ago, my dad was trying to re-create her apple pie, but couldn't get it just right.

So, during that holiday season, we asked her to write down her recipes. She couldn't do it! She said she didn't learn from a recipe — her mother, my great-grandmother, taught her by making pies with her. She said, 'You need to see and feel the ingredients come together.' When you make something often enough and you love to make it, you don't need a piece of paper to tell you how.

We started the company five years ago, in April of 2009, and I look forward to passing on this old-fashioned tradition to the fifth generation.

Papa C Pies Papa C Pies' apple pie Papa C Pies

Which of your desserts/products are you most proud of?
The Ghirardelli chocolate is beloved by all and it is a lot of fun to see people enjoy and swoon over that pie. The apple pie, though, is probably the one I am most proud of because it is hard to find a handmade apple pie anymore, unless your mom or grandmother makes it. I have enjoyed watching people that gave up on finding a great apple pie like they grew up with be won back over with our crust and fresh-peeled apples in our pie.

What's your favorite locally made food item that's not your own?

Difficult question, as there are so many. Lately I have been enjoying roasted garlic and spicy canvas hummus from the Hummus Chick. Javaneh is the owner and can also be found with us at the Franklin Farmers Market and West End Farmers Market, along with online.


12th & Broad's Sweet-heART event

Papa C Pies

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