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Mar. 5, 2014 3:03 PM

Partying for the Arts: Big Yellow Bird Bash

Big Yellow Bird Bash Big Yellow Bird Bash ThinkStock

...Come and play
Everything's A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That's where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street...

If you read that and can hear the melody in your head (it's going to be stuck in your mind all day now...you're welcome), then you are young enough to have a great time at NPT's "Big Yellow Bird Bash" this Saturday, March 8. Geared towards the younger demographic (roughly 25-50), the Bash promises music, dancing, food and a fun fashion theme: Yellow.

In a world of #ThrowbackThursdays and #FlashbackFridays, the throwback theme is a creative way to draw in the grown-up Sesame Street Kids — some of which may have little Muppets of their own now. Leave the kiddos at home though, because this is going to be a night of drinking and dancing!

Big Yellow Bird Bash Big Yellow Bird Bash ThinkStock

The attire is cocktail, but keep it fun and creative as yellow attire is a must. Think yellow bow ties, suspenders, sneakers, dresses, heels, necklaces, tops and bottoms. "Anything yellow you can find," said NPT's Community Development Manager, Sheila Fischer.

The venue, Houston Station, will be decked out in Big Bird's signature color as well — though don't expect an appearance. "He's unfortunately unavailable that night," joked Fischer. The space will be completely transformed by Anita Hogan and Hugh Howser of H3 events, "one of the best designers in town to put the event together aesthetically," said Fischer.

Houston Station is located in a hotbed of young creatives as it is centered in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood next to Fort Houston, Zeitgeist Gallery and a long list of art galleries, artist and recording studios. A newly renovated historic warehouse, the Houston Station building is a large but homey mix of crumbly red brick and rustic wooden beams.

"It's definitely going to have lots of yellow throughout, but it's got a 'sleek chic' feel to it — white furniture, evoking spring time. ...I know it'll be spectacular. Houston Station is great for that because you can turn it into anything you want to."

The tunes will be provided by local DJ Kyle Stephens and hors d'oeuvres will be catered by Chef's Market, one of Nashville's hottest restaurants. The bar is open, with beer, wine and cocktails — the signature cocktail is their "Yellow Bird Hero" made with Hero's Vodka.

NPT A past Big Yellow Bird Bash Submitted

Supporting the arts

By purchasing a ticket for $50 ($40 if you are a 12th & Broad member), you are also becoming a member of NPT and supporting the local arts. As a member you are the first to know about their many community functions, advanced film screenings and other events. Insider knowledge to things such as their sold-out "Downton Abbey" preview parties and sneak previews of "SHERLOCK" is a valuable resource to gain.

Events such as the "Big Yellow Bird Bash" also helps raise funds to continue NPT programming. One popular web series popular among this same demographic was NPT's "You Ought To Know Nashville," which was created in partnership with Heidi Jewell of Under the Guise. The Nashville street style fashion blogger introduced viewers to a behind-the-scenes glimpse at places old and new — such as The Station Inn, The Stone Fox, Imogene + Willie, Manuel, Jackalope, Prince's, Husk and Blackstone. The series is on pause until funding can be secured to continue. "We want to bring that back to make sure it's a solid program," Fischer said.

The ticket price is worth the event alone, but by being a member you are able to get more involved with this important community resource. "Events like this brings awareness to different types of programing, like the web series ("You Ought To Know Nashville"), that we're doing," said Fischer, "and get people thinking about NPT and continuing to support it and continue programs like that." This annual event is for the new generation of public television supporters — those of us who grew up on Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow and Wishbone — and who care about the next generation of young viewers.

12th & Broad is a proud community partner of the "Big Yellow Bird Bash" and 12th & Broad members get $10 off.
Tickets are available to purchase online and at the door. The event takes place 7-11 p.m. at Houston Station, 434 Houston Street. There will be complimentary valet parking.

We'll see you there!

Oh, and here's a different song to get stuck in your mind: